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November 2000





Section Page
About this Report iv
A note on Accuracy  v
1.0 Introduction  1
2.0 Wireless Data Transmission Choices  10
2.1 Circuit Switched Wireless Internet  11
2.2 Data over Packet Radio  22
2.2.1 Bell Mobility-ARDIS (BM-A)  23
2.2.2 Rogers AT&T Wireless Mobitex  28
3.0 Data over Cellular  32
3.1 Introduction 
3.2 Modems and Modem Manufacturers  34
4.0 IP Wireless  38
5.0 Two-Way Paging  41
5.1 Bell Mobility  42
5.2 PageNet of Canada  44
6.0 Legacy Data Networks  47
6.1 Mobility Companies  47
6.2 Rogers AT&T Wireless Data  48
7.0 Mobile Solution Companies  49
7.1 Research in Motion (RIM)  49
7.2 Motorola 54
7.3 Palm and Handspring  56
7.4 Glenayre  59
8.0 Future Wireless Data Services  61
9.0 Bluetooth  66
10.0 The Elusive "Killer App"  70


Exhibit Page
Exhibit 1:  Two-way Pager Shipments, by Manufacturer (1998-2003) 74
Exhibit 2: Average Retail Prices, by Two-way Pager Type (1998-2003) 74
Exhibit 3: Two-Way Paging Subscribers/Net Subscriber Activations, by Service Provider (1998-2003) 75
Exhibit 4: Availability of Two-way Pager Type, by Service Provider 75



NBI's Canadian Mobile Data and Internet Services Market Report, 2000 Edition is the second in the current series dealing with mobile wireless communications services and a companion to NBI's Canadian Cellular/PCS Market Report published earlier this year.

This report examines the wireless data market in Canada, its evolution toward the wireless Internet, the services currently offered and the probable future direction and fit with other wireless services. Of particular importance is the role played by two-way messaging devices and PCS handsets in popularizing the increased mobility of Internet access. This phenomenon is examined through a detailed description and discussion of the devices, services and technologies that have made this possible. As well, NBI explores a few of the newest applications that are now being suggested and questions the extent to which they will change our lives.

The first section comprises a ten-page overview and offers the reader a quick study on all the relevant issues. The next three sections examine in more detail the various types of mobile data applications and networks along with their relative market positioning. Section five re-introduces Narrowband PCS under its current name of two-way messaging and describes the devices and services currently available. Section six provides a brief overview of the legacy data networks while section seven offers a comprehensive discussion on the device manufacturers that are mentioned almost daily in the financial and industry media. Finally, sections eight, nine and ten offer the reader NBI's view of the future of the wireless mobile Internet. Four exhibits showing pager shipments, average price, subscriber growth and pager type availability, buttress the text.

Having grown out of Part II of previous editions of NBI's Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Market Reports, this 75-page publication is unique in its detailed treatment of one of the most exciting segments of the Canadian telecommunications market.


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