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NBI/Michael Sone Associates
193 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y7
Telephone # (416) 360-0424

December 2004




Table of Contents


Section  Page
About this Report v
1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Voice Overview 2
3.0 Voice-Data Convergence 6
4.0 Data and Messaging Overview 9
    4.1 Mobile Browsers and Direct Access 14
    4.2 SMS 15
    4.3 WAP Update 16
5.0 Towards Third Generation 18
6.0 Service Providers 20
    6.1 Bell Mobility 20
    6.2 Aliant Mobility 28
    6.3 MTS Mobility 33
    6.4 SaskTel Mobility 38
    6.5 Microcell 42
    6.6 PageNet of Canada 49
    6.7 Rogers Wireless 53
    6.8 TELUS Mobility 67
7.0 Distribution 78
8.0 Resale and Rental 82
    8.1 Microcell Connexions 82
    8.2 Roadpost 86
9.0 Future Directions 94
    9.1 Public Wi-Fi 94



List of Exhibits and Figures


Exhibit Page
Exhibit 1 Cellular Subscribers/Net Activations by Service Provider (2002-2007) 101
Exhibit 2 Cellular Subscribers by Service Provider by Province (2002-2007) 102
Exhibit 3 Cellular Subscriber % Share by Service Provider by Province (2002-2007) 103
Exhibit 4 Cellular Subscribers and % Share of Service Provider by Province, 2003 104
Exhibit 5 Cellular Activations by Distribution Channel, 2003 105
Exhibit 6 Cellular Subscriber Penetration of Canadian Population (2002-2007) 105
Exhibit 7 Cellular Subscribers by Service Type by Service Provider (2002-2007) 106
Exhibit 8 Cellular Service Revenue ($000s) & Average Minutes/Revenue
per Unit by Service Provider (2002-2007)
Exhibit 9 Cellular Monthly Churn (%) and Cost of Acquisition
by Service Provider (2002-2004)
Exhibit 10 Capital Expenditures by Service Provider (2002-2007) 108
Exhibit 11 One-way Messaging Subscribers by Service Provider (2002-2007) 109
Exhibit 12 One-Way Messaging Service Revenue by Service Provider (2002-2007) 109
Exhibit 13 Two-Way Messaging Subscribers/Net Subscriber Additions
by Service Provider (2002-2007)
Exhibit 14 Text and SMS users by Service Provider (2002-2007) 111
Exhibit 15 Text and SMS Messages by Service Provider (2002-2007) 111
Exhibit 16 Text and SMS Revenues by Service Provider (2002-2007) 111
Exhibit 17 Mobile Internet Browser Users by Service Provider (2002-2007) 112
Figure 1 Canadian Cellular/PCS Market - Number of Subscribers (1997-2007) 8



About This Report


At over 100 pages, NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Services Market Report, 2004 Edition continues to be the most comprehensive study published on this industry.

The report examines the cellular, wireless messaging and data markets in Canada, focusing on both services currently offered and future directions of the industry. Of particular importance is the role of two-way messaging devices and digital cellular handsets in popularizing the increased mobility of Internet access. This phenomenon is examined through a detailed description and discussion of the services and technologies that have made this possible.

The report opens with an Introduction that offers the reader a snapshot of the market and all relevant issues. This is followed by a Voice Overview that provides a detailed description of the service providers’ performance, market share, penetration and future direction as indicated by the key metrics of their subscribers, ARPU and churn. Next follows a discussion on Voice and Data Convergence and the role the latter has played in bringing music, information, text and picture messaging to wireless users, as well as the contribution these services make to the service providers’ coffers. A Data and Messaging overview then provides concise descriptions of the various types of mobile data applications and networks along with their relevance to today’s market. This includes discussion on the gradual demise of traditional one-way and the failure of two-way paging to make its mark and followed by a review of currently available mobile Internet services, such as Mobile Browsers and SMS as well as services planned for the near and more distant future.

Next are detailed profiles of the wireless service providers. Particular emphasis is placed on recent developments in the marketplace and the effects of different airtime and mobile data plans, pre-paid packages, messaging and other value-added services, marketing programs and distribution channels on revenues, subscriber growth, usage patterns, acquisition costs and capital spending. A discussion on the expansion of the resale market, handset rental and the current players follows.
The final part of the report offers the reader NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ view of the future of the wireless mobile Internet, updates on the relevant technologies and is rounded out with a description of some additional services.

Seventeen exhibits illustrate subscriber data by service provider including projections to 2007 for customer and revenue growth, provincial breakdowns, service type and technology segmentation, penetration rates and distribution.

Please watch for our upcoming Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Equipment Market Report, 2005 Edition.




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