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About the Company

Founded in 1993 with roots going back to 1977, NBI/Michael Sone Associates is a Canadian market research and consulting firm whose mission is to provide substantive and detailed information on the Canadian telecommunications industry. In the complex environment of communications, NBI/Michael Sone Associates' independent, full-service research provides the vital tools for strategic and market planning.

To be proactive in telecommunications you need current qualitative and quantitative information. This is where NBI/Michael Sone Associates' telecommunications market research reports are crucial. They are powerful planning tools that provide you with comprehensive, valuable and actionable information.

When it comes to furnishing both quantitative and qualitative intelligence on the Canadian telecommunications market, our data is without equal.

Our database has been compiled over the last 40+ years (longer than any other company in Canada) and our research techniques, which are based on primary-sourcing and continuous monitoring and re-assessment of the marketplace, ensure the highest possible level of quality in our work.

Because of our strict independence, reputation and contacts within the industry NBI/Michael Sone Associates is relied upon by many leading Canadian and international telecommunications companies and other organizations that track the telecom industry.

For the most reliable source of statistically-intensive information, including forecasts and competitive assessments of key markets, reach for NBI/Michael Sone Associates' telecommunications research reports. The benefits of referring to these reports include:

  • Alerting your organization to key market developments;
  • Assessing the relative positions of market players;
  • Forecasting fundamental trends;
  • Evaluating effective marketing and sales strategies;
  • Preparing and documenting business plans and decisions.

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