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Michael Sone

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About Michael Sone

Michael Sone is President and Owner of NBI/Michael Sone Associates Inc, a Canadian telecommunications research and consulting firm. Before assuming his current role in 1993, Mr. Sone held the positions of analyst, director of research and general manager beginning in 1988.

Since 1977 the company has published comprehensive reports that provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Canadian ICT industry including Data Communications, Local & VoIP Services, Unified Communications, Mobile & Wireless Telephony, Customer Premises Voice & Data Equipment, IP & Digital TV, Contact Centres, Hosting, Cloud Computing and Internet Services.

Michael has been quoted many times in the business media including the Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, CBC Television and CBC Radio.

Michael is the co-founder, along with Mark Goldberg, of The Canadian Telcom Summit, www.telecomsummit.com, Canada's leading annual ICT conference.

Mr. Sone has a B.A. in psychology and an M.B.A., both from York University.

Michael can be reached at 416-723-4064 and msone@nbicanada.com

About Brian Platts P.Eng., C.Eng., M.I.E.E.

Brian is a Chartered and Professional Engineer with career experience in the telecommunications industry in the U.K. and Canada. He worked for Nortel Europe and British Telecom, before re-joining Nortel in Toronto where he was responsible for the engineering and marketing of Nortel's repair and special services to Bell Canada and other major Canadian telephone companies and distributors.

Since 1995 Brian has contracted with NBI/Michael Sone Associates to provide research services and has authored many reports covering various ectors of the Canadian telecommunications market. Brian's recent reports include:

  • Canadian Internet Service Providers Market Report
  • Canadian Enterprise Universal Endpoint Management Market Report
  • Canadian Fixed Wireless Services Market Report
  • Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications and 5G Services Market Report
  • Canadian Digital TV & Streaming Services Market Report

Brian can be reached at brian@nottinghamcommunications.com

About Arthur Gottlieb

An independent telecommunications consultant since 1999, Arthur Gottlieb has assisted NBI/Michael Sone Associates on a number of projects in the capacity of Senior Analyst. He has authored or co-authored numerous research reports for NBI/MSA, including:

  • Canadian Data Centre Hosting and Infrastructure Services Market Report
  • Canadian Hosted PBX and UC Services Market Report
  • Canadian SIP Trunking Services Market Report
  • Canadian Data Communications Services Market Report
  • Canadian Hosted Contact Centre Services Market Report

Before becoming an independent consultant, Arthur worked at AT&T Canada as VP Government Affairs and at Rogers Wireless Inc., where in the course of nine years he worked as a network design engineer, Manager of Intercarrier Relations and finally as Director of Intercarrier Relations responsible for managing and directing all intercarrier issues as well as regulatory and government affairs. He started his career at Nortel's digital switching division in 1988, after having graduated from McGill University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Arthur can be reached at agottlieb@gottliebgroup.ca

About Alon Sone

Alon Sone has worked as an independent consultant and analyst with NBI/Michael Sone Associates since 2016. He has authored several ICT research reports including:

  • Canadian Customer Experience Management Review
  • Canadian Data Communications Services Market Report
  • Canadian Internet of Things (IoT) Market Report
  • Canadian Managed Security Services Market Report
  • Canadian Wi-Fi-as-a-Service Market Report

Alon can be reached at adsone@nbicanada.com

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