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NBI/Michael Sone Associates
193 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y7
Telephone # (416) 360-0424

February 2006




Table of Contents


Section  Page
About This Report  v
1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Scope, Objectives and Methodology 3
    2.1 Scope 3
    2.2 Objectives 3
3.0 Telecom Service Providers 5
    3.1 TSP SWOT: Bell and Telus 5
    3.2 Toronto Hydro Telecom 7
    3.3 Telecom Service Provider Perception of Professional Services Companies 9
    3.4 Opportunities 10
4.0 Professional Services Providers: A Summary 14
5.0 Company Profiles 17
       5.1 Accenture 17
       5.2 Alcatel 23
       5.3 HP 33
       5.4 IBM 38
       5.5 Nortel 44
6.0 Market Size 48


List of Figures

Figures Page
Bell and Telus SWOT Analysis 6
Accenture SWOT Analysis 23
Alcatel SWOT Analysis 33
HP SWOT Analysis 38
IBM SWOT Analysis 44
Nortel SWOT Analysis 48
Professional Services Market, 2004 - 2008 49



About This Report


This is NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ inaugural report on the Canadian Professional Services Market (CPSM). In this report, we have looked at Professional Services provided to Telecommunications Service Providers by vendors of such services. Specifically, the report examines System Integration and Managed Services. Extensive primary research, the hallmark of all NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ reports, was carried out over the past several months to attempt to gain a unique perspective on what is expected to be a fast growing area within the Canadian telecom market. Information, both quantitative and qualitative, was analyzed and organized so as to provide the reader with an understanding of the background, current state and probable future of the professional services sector. The final product, Canadian Professional Services Market Report, is unique in Canada and as is the case with all NBI/Michael Sone Associates reports is based on many first-hand interviews and primary sourcing of information.

The report is divided into six sections. Following the introduction, an overview of the scope of the study, its objectives and the methodology used to attain those objectives are provided in Section 2. Section 3 provides our findings based on discussions with the telecom service providers regarding their future needs and their perception of large professional service organizations. This section also provides conclusions regarding the most significant opportunities and pitfalls for professional services companies that wish to serve this market. This sets the stage for Section 4, which summarizes the professional services company profiles, detailing the companies’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the context of Telecom Service Providers’ requirements and predilections. This is followed by Section 5 containing the actual profiles of five major companies: Accenture; Alcatel; HP; IBM and Nortel. It should be noted that while the body of the report contains substantial information on Ericsson, insufficient time precluded us from constructing a profile similar to that of other companies. Section 6 that sets out our estimate of the size of the professional services market in Canada projected to 2008.

The report is supported by a series of seven figures. The first six present SWOT analyses of service providers and professional services vendors, while the seventh illustrates the market sizing over a five-year period.




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