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NBI/Michael Sone Associates
193 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y7
Telephone 416-360-0424

August 2009




Table of Contents


Section  Page
About This Report v
1.0 Executive Summary 1
2.0 Service Providers 11
   2.1 AOL Canada 11
   2.2 Bell Aliant 15
   2.3 Bell Canada 18
      2.3.1 Consumer 19
      2.3.2 Business 22
   2.4 Cogeco Cable 27
   2.5 Distributel 29
   2.6 EastLink 31
   2.7 Look Communications 35
   2.8 MTS Allstream 38
      2.8.1 Consumer Markets Division 39
      2.8.2 Enterprise Division 44
   2.9 Primus Canada 46
      2.9.1 Consumer/SOHO 47
      2.9.2 Business 48
   2.10 Rogers Communications 50
      2.10.1 Rogers Cable 50
      2.10.2 Rogers Business Solutions (RBS) 54
   2.11 SaskTel 58
   2.12 Shaw Communications 62
   2.13 TELUS 65
      2.13.1 Consumer 68
      2.13.2 Business 69
   2.14 Verizon Business 71
   2.15 Videotron 74
   3.0 EXHIBITS 79


List of Figures & Exhibits

Figure/Exhibit Page
Figure 1
Canadian ISP Market, Dial, Broadband & Dedicated Revenues, 2006-2011 9
Figure 2
Canadian ISP Market, Dial-Up and High-Speed Subscribers, 2006-2011 10
Exhibit 1
Dial-Up, High-Speed and Total Revenues, 2008-2011 80
Exhibit 2
Dial-Up, High-Speed and Total Revenue Market Shares, 2008-2011 80
Exhibit 3
Dial-Up, High-Speed and Total Subscribers, 2008-2011
Exhibit 4
Dial-Up, High-Speed and Total Subscriber Market Shares, 2008-2011
Exhibit 5
Dial-Up, High-Speed Subscriber Provincial Distribution by Company, 2008
Exhibit 6
Cablecos and Fixed Wireless: Subscriber Base and Revenues, 2008-2011
Exhibit 7
Telcos: Dial-Up Subscribers and Revenues, 2008-2011
Exhibit 8
Telcos: DSL Subscribers and Revenues, 2008-2011



About This Report


The Canadian Internet Service Providers Market Report, 2009 Edition is NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ eleventh report on the Canadian Internet market and continues to be the most comprehensive and rigorously researched document available on the subject.

At nearly 100 pages, this edition of the report is divided into three main sections. The first is an executive summary of the ISP business that discusses major issues, developments and technology pertinent to the industry including the decline in dial-up access and the continued growth of market penetration of high-speed cable, DSL and the impact of wireless access technologies. This overview is punctuated with two figures illustrating six-year subscriber and revenue growth trends in the ISP industry.  The second section provides qualitatively and quantitatively intensive individual profiles of 15 significant national and regional ISPs and their subsidiaries. These include the individual telco, cableco and other carriers, as well as the larger independent, non-aligned ISPs. The third section contains a series of detailed exhibits, that are the hallmark of NBI/Michael Sone Associates reports, that illustrate dial-up, high-speed and dedicated subscribers & revenues, market shares, business versus consumer data, provincial breakouts, segmentation by level of broadband service and forecasts through 2011. Each industry segment has been explored so that the report presents services offered and planned, marketing activities, pricing, as well as technology and application trends.

Please note that the mobile Internet market is examined and discussed in depth in NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Services Market Report, 2009 Edition. ISP subscriber totals and revenues in this report’s exhibits do not include mobile Internet customers. Also, growing interest in fixed wireless access has prompted us to examine this market separately and in greater depth than hitherto. Please refer to our Canadian Wi-Fi/WiMAX Market Report, 2008 Edition and upcoming 2009 Edition for information on this rapidly evolving market sector.





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