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NBI/Michael Sone Associates
193 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y7
Telephone 416-360-0424

March 2009




Table of Contents


Section  Page
About this Report V
A Note on Accuracy vi
1.0 Executive Summary 1
2.0 AWS and the Spectrum Auction 6
3.0 Service Providers 10
     3.1 Bell Aliant 10
     3.2 Bell Mobility 12
          3.2.1 Solo 17
     3.3 MTS Allstream 18
     3.4 Rogers Wireless 22
          3.4.1 Fido 30
     3.5 SaskTel Mobility 31
     3.6 TELUS 34
          3.6.1 Koodo 39
     3.7 Virgin Mobile 40
4.0 New Entrants 45
     4.1 DAVE Wireless 45
     4.2 Globalive Wireless 48
     4.3 Service Providers 10
     4.4 Videotron 49


List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1
Subscribers/Net Activations by Service Provider (2007-2012) 52
Exhibit 2
Subscribers by Service Provider, by Province (2007-2012) 53
Exhibit 3
Subscriber Share, by Service Provider, by Province (2007-2012) 54
Exhibit 4
Subscriber Penetration of Canadian Population (2007-2012) 55
Exhibit 5
Subscribers by Service Type and Market Segment,
by Service Provider (2007-2012)

Exhibit 6
Voice & Data Service Revenue, MOU and ARPU,
by Service Provider (2007-2012)

Exhibit 7
Monthly Churn (%) and Cost of Acquisition
by Service Provider (2007-2009)

Exhibit 8
Two-Way Messaging Subscribers/Net Subscriber Additions,
by Service Provider and Total Revenues (2007-2012)

 Text and SMS Regular Users by Service Provider (2007-2012) 59
Exhibit 10
Text and SMS Messages by Service Provider (2007-2012)
Exhibit 11
Text and SMS Revenues by Service Provider (2007-2012) 59



About This Report


NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Services Market Report, 2009 Edition continues to be the most comprehensive study published on this industry.

The report examines the cellular, wireless messaging and mobile data markets in Canada, focusing on both services currently offered and probable future developments of the industry. Of particular importance is the potential role of the new entrants that were successful in securing licences for advanced wireless services (AWS) that promise technological advances in popularizing the increased use of mobile data and Internet access and, therefore, their growing importance in increasing market competitiveness. The spectrum auction itself and the emergence of new service providers is examined through a detailed description of the process and examples of some new applications that promise even more potential in the near future.

The report opens with an Executive Summary that offers the reader a snapshot of the industry’s relevant issues, specifically the service providers’ performance, market share, penetration and future direction as indicated by the key metrics of their subscriber acquisition and growth, ARPU, usage rates and churn. This is followed by a detailed account of the spectrum auction and the results of the winning bids.

Thereafter are two sections that contain detailed profiles of the wireless service providers themselves. The first covers the established companies and includes recent market performance and activities as well as predictions for the near future. The discussion focuses on the effects of different airtime and mobile data plans, pre-paid packages, messaging and other value-added services, marketing programs and distribution channels on revenues, subscriber growth, usage patterns, acquisition costs and capital spending.

The second of these sections profiles the new entrants, including their likely strategies with particular emphasis on their announced or likely technology choices and service plans, thereby offering the reader NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ view of a future with, possibly, twice as many service providers as today.

Eleven comprehensive Exhibits illustrate service provider-specific data including projections to 2012 for wireless customer and revenue growth, provincial analysis, segmentation between business & consumer accounts, breakdown between voice & data revenues and detail on SMS traffic and revenues.

Please watch for our upcoming Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Device Market Report, 2009 Edition.





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