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NBI/Michael Sone Associates
193 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y7
Telephone # (416) 360-0424

May 2007




Table of Contents


Section  Page
About This Report  v
1.0 Executive Summary 1
2.0 Handset Manufacturers 9
    2.1 Kyocera Wireless 9
    2.2 LG 10
    2.3 Motorola 13
            2.3.1 Cellular 13
            2.3.2 iDEN 18
            2.3.3 In-Vehicle 20
    2.4 Nokia 21
    2.5 Samsung 26
    2.6 Sanyo 29
    2.7 Sony Ericsson 31
    2.8 UTStarcom 35
            2.8.1 Pantech 37
            2.8.2 HTC 38
3.0 Hybrid Device Manufacturers 40
    3.1 Palm 40
    3.2 RIM 43
4.0 PC Card Modems 51


List of Exhibits

Exhibit Page
Handset Shipments by Manufacturer (2005-2010) 54
Handset Shipments by Technology (2005-2010) 54
Handset Installed Base by Manufacturer (2005-2010) 55
Handset Installed Base by Technology (2005-2010) 55
Two-way Messaging and Voice/Data PDA Hybrid Device Shipments, by Manufacturer, (2005-2010) 56
Two-way Messaging and Voice/Data PDA Hybrid Device Installed Base, by Manufacturer, (2005-2010) 56



About This Report


NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ Canadian Mobile Wireless Device and Network Equipment Market Report, 2007 Edition is the companion to our Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Services Market Report. The reports remain the most comprehensive studies published on this industry, examining in detail, for both the equipment and service segments, topics such as market size and growth, distribution strategies, product development, pricing, technology issues and usage patterns. Section 1 of this report consists of a detailed executive summary that provides an overview of the industry in Canada as well as an analysis of the key elements that will define the future. Sections 2 and 3 respectively are devoted to the traditional handset and hybrid sectors with reference to the latest technologies and the equipment vendors’ particular strategies. Prominence is given to detailed profiles of the major device manufacturers and discussions on their activities and future plans as the industry moves toward the next generation of wireless communications. This is followed in Section 4 with a summary of the PC Card market. A new Section 5 (published as an addendum to this report) discusses the issues surrounding current and future infrastructure technologies from both the service provider and manufacturer standpoints.

Six exhibits that provide shipment and installed base data for device manufacturers, including projections to 2010 and segmentation by technology, support the substantive and comprehensive discussion. The handset shipment data contained therein is the result of exhaustive primary-sourced research and is, in our opinion, the best available view of the Canadian market.




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